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(Red wine)

Appassimento ca' vittoria 2018


Grapes: 60% Negroamaro; 25% Merlot; 15% Primitivo
ABV: 14.5%
Style: Very full
Vintage: 2018
Appellation:  Salento IGT Vino Passito

The grapes come from selected vineyards in the Salento region in Puglia, harvested at the beginning of October when the grapes reach full maturation.  Grapes are naturally dried on vines for about 15 days, during which period they lose 50% of their weight.  Withering is obtained by cutting the grape shoot but leaving the grapes on vines (Appassimento on vine).  After pressing and fermentation, the wine is left in oak for 3 - 4 months, and this aging gives the pleasant notes of spices and vanilla.

The good late maturation gives the characteristic and heady notes of ripe black fruits such as plums and raisins.  The subsequent slight oak aging gives notes of chocolate and spices, sweet vanilla with nutmeg & cinnamon, which make this wine intense, harmonic and balanced, pleasant and mature on the palate.

Great with roasted meats and game dishes, and excellent with mature and strong cheeses.


  • Appassimento
  • Big and bold
  • Italian
  • Italy
  • Merlot
  • Negroamaro
  • Oak-aged
  • Powerful
  • Primitivo
  • Red


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Appassimento Ca' Vittoria 2018