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(White wine)

Chevalier de rhodes gaillac blanc, organic


Grapes:   100% Loin de l'Oeil 
ABV:        12%
Style:       Off-dry
Vintage:  2014

A beautiful organic Gaillac white.

Loin de l'Oeil (or Len de l'El as it is sometimes known) is found virtually exclusively in the Gaillac region of Southwest France where it has had a long history of wine production. Meaning "far from the eye" it refers to the position of the fruit in respect to the bud (the eye). 

The wines made from this grape are typically full bodied with low acidity but powerful fruit notes. The nose is fairly intense with red apple, baked pear and apricot fruits.  In the mouth the wine is dry but fruity and packed with all the tropical fruits imaginable, together with gentle acidity.  It is always refreshing.

We love introducing our customers to interesting and lesser-known wines, so we hope you will take this one to your hearts, as we have.




  • Floral
  • France
  • French
  • Fresh
  • Gaillac
  • Loin de l'Oeil
  • Off-dry
  • Organic
  • Tropical Fruits
  • White


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Chevalier de Rhodes Gaillac Blanc, Organic