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(White wine)

Flavorelli pinot grigio igt


Grapes:  Pinot Grigio
Style:      Dry, citrussy
ABV:       12%
Vintage:  2017

A very drinkable style of Pinot Grigio, at a very affordable price.  Light and fruity, and ideal to accompany a light meal.  Dry and fresh, the nose is of citrus and white fruits.  On the palate, there is light tropical fruits and a wonderful freshness.  Drink well chilled and enjoy!

Drink anytime and pretty much with anything, except of course red meats and blue cheese.  


  • Crisp
  • Dry
  • Floral
  • Italian
  • Italy
  • Lemon
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Refreshing
  • White


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Flavorelli Pinot Grigio IGT