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Albarino is a dry white wine that is typically produced in the Galicia region of Spain and certain regions of Portugal. It’s not one of the most well-known wines in the UK, but if you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blanc and are looking for something a little different you should give it a try. Albarino wines are light-bodied with primary flavours of lemon, lime, melon, grapefruit and peach. If you’re looking to enjoy a glass of Albarino with a meal, it pairs incredibly well with seafood and creamy chicken dishes.   Take a look at our affordable range of Albarino wines, available to be delivered direct to your door.

Albarino FAQs
What does Albarino wine taste like?
Albarino is a dry white wine which has a taste profile that shares similarities with Sauvignon Blanc. Albarino wines are complex and aromatic, and have notes of citrus fruits, grapefruit and peach.
Is Albarino wine dry or sweet?
Albarino wines are dry and are commonly high in acidity. The region in which the wine is produced can have an impact on the taste of the wine however. Albarino wines from Portugal can be slightly sweeter than those produced in Spain.
Where does Albarino grow?
Albarino is native to the ‘Rias Baixas’ region of Spain, which are four rivers located on the coast of Galicia. Albarino is also commonly produced in Portugal, where it is given the name ‘Alvarinho’. There are a small number of vineyards in California and New Zealand that also produce Albarino, but this makes up less than 10% of global Albarino production.

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