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About Us

Based in Greater Manchester, we are a wine business on a mission. Our mission is to bring superb, but reasonably priced wines to our customers and dispel the myth that good wine must be expensive.

We believe that wine should be for everyone. A "good wine" is one you enjoy, not what somebody else tells you is good, and not necessarily based on its price. If you enjoy drinking a particular wine, then that is a good wine for you. Regardless of its grape, vintage, or the opinion of wine experts. We try not to get into the realms of 'tasting notes' which may not mean anything to our customers. We want to talk in understandable terms about our wines. Are they sweet or dry, heavy or light, and what other wines are they like? This way we hope we can bring you something new which you will enjoy.

Our wines come from all corners of the world and we aim to have something to please everyone, regardless of your palate or budget.  We are legally compelled to state that all our wines contain Sulphites, which is a preservative widely used in wine-making (and most food industries) and plays a very important role in maintaining a wine's freshness.

The wines we offer are selected with an eye to quality, value for money and enjoyment.  They have to taste really good.  This helps us take the uncertainty out of buying wine - for the novice and connoisseur alike. Buying from our online wine store should provide you confidence in a wines quality.

We also want to bring you wine at an affordable price. We price our wine as keenly as we can, so if you compare the cost elsewhere we will more often than not come out best price overall.

Flexibility is also core to our service. No minimum order quantity. No fixed box size. No monthly membership fee. Just great quality wine at a great price.

We welcome feed-back and the chance to discuss your likes and dislikes, so please do contact us because we'd love to hear from you.