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Shiraz FAQs
Where is Shiraz Produced?
Shiraz is a widely grown and distribute red wine grape. Like many well known wines its origins are French, but is it is grape found all over the world, and in many different climates.
Is Shiraz the same as Syrah?
Yes, Shiraz and Syrah refer to the same red wine grape. The difference only stems from where the grape was produced and what those producing it choose to use. Typically cooler climate vineyards would use the name Syrah, whilst warmer climate producers would say Shiraz. Either way the grape is the same.
Is Shiraz an Affordable Wine?
You will see below that you will find cheap Shiraz, and slightly more expensive Shiraz on the shelves of any wine merchant with a reasonable range. Shiraz is neither a cheap wine, nor an expensive wine, it is a wine grape which can be used to produce wines of a range of qualities and resulting price. A good, cheap Shiraz wine is often relatively easy to find though if you do a little shopping around.

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  • Cape Heights Shiraz £7.99
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  • Grand Cape Shiraz 2019 £7.99
  • Versare Shiraz £7.99
  • Percheron Shiraz £9.49
  • Butcher's Block Shiraz £9.49
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  • Angove Organic Shiraz/Cabernet £9.99 £10.99
  • Smalltown Vineyards "Three Monkeys" GSM £11.85
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