FREE DELIVERY on orders over £100

Bulk Wine Orders

Sometimes, when you want to order wine in bulk, we know it can be a pain picking through a website which is meant for smaller orders. Choosing wines individually or clicking over and over to increase quantities to the bulk level you are looking for. 

Many of our customers like to bulk order their favourite wines just for ease. Especially in today's climate where wine stock is not easy to come by, if you have a wine you like then it makes sense to stock up.

So if you are looking to place a bulk order for any reason, then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your needs in detail. We are not a wine wholesaler, but we do have access to a lot of wine. So bulk wine orders can be facilitated more easily over email or the phone. You can email us or call us to discuss how much and which wine you are looking for and we will quickly now if we can help. Visit the contact page for our details.

Bulk Wine Orders FAQs
How Much Wine Quantifies a Bulk Order?
Of course there is no definitive figure you can put on what quantifies a bulk order. For us, to quantify an order as bulk we would be looking at orders in excess of £200, or around 24 bottles of wine. We have trade customers who order a lot more than that on a regular basis, it all depends on whether it is an individual bulk order, or something more regular.
Are Prices Difficult on Bulk Wine Orders?
We have different pricing for our trade customers based on their order value and frequency. We understand that wholesale and trade wine pricing is different to retail, and have specific lists and pricing for trade customers. If it was a one off bulk wine order we would have to consider the quantity before deciding on the price. If you are planning a bulk order the best thing to do is to get in touch and we can discuss both the best options for wine, and agree a price.
Can I Order Wine in Bulk via the Website?
Of course the answer is yes. You can select any amount of wine (so long as it is in stock) and compile your order just like anybody else. Wine orders over £100 will automatically qualify for free delivery. The pricing will not change however and so if you are ordering significant amounts then it is best to get in touch.
What if I want more wine than you have in stock?
Whether or not we can provide more wine than we are showing on the website is dependant on the wine you are looking to order. We have very close relationships with our wine suppliers and can often secure new stock within 48 hours. So if you are looking to place an order for more wine than our website is showing available, check with us first as we may be able to secure more very quickly.