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Rosé Wines

Our range of Rosé Wines offers something for everyone. Here you'll find Dry,  Off-dry and Medium Rosé Wine or you can search by Country or Grape from the filters on the left.

Rosé Wines have had a resurgence in recent years with many new and exciting wine brands coming to market. Whether it is a refreshing summer Rosé Wine, or a Rosé Wine for the sweet tooth, we aim to provide a range of wines for all.

Rosé Wine FAQs
Which grape varieties are used to produce Rose Wine?
You will find Rose alternatives to most wine grapes. Most common however are Pinot Grigio Rosé, Rioja Rosé and more recently Malbec Rosé. Within our collection you will find Rioja Rosé Wines, Merlot Rosé Wines, Grenache Rosé Wines and the ever popular Zinfandel. We have blush variants of some of our most popular wines such as one of our best sellers, the Cortefresca Pinto Grigio Blush.
Can Rosé wine be cheap?
As always with our collections we aim to provide something for all pockets. So whilst we never like to call our wines cheap, with Rosé Wines from £7.49 it is difficult to argue that they aren't. What you will never find with our wines is a compromise on quality, so whilst you may consider these cheap Rosé Wines, we can assure you they are also great quality.  In fact, these are some of the best Rosé Wines online, and you can hold us to that.
Is Blush and Rosé the same thing?
The words Blush and Rosé have become used interchangeably in recent times and wines are often labelled as one or the other more for marketing purposes than anything else. The actual difference between a Blush and a Rosé is the time the wine spends in contact with the grape skin. A true Rosé wine has spent more time in contact with the grape skin than a Blush. A Blush spends minimal time in contact with the skin and as a result is typically lighter in colour.
How quickly will I receive my wine?
We aim to despatch all wine the next working day after purchase. Our courier deliveries within 24 hours of collection and so you should have your Rosé within 2 working days. There are sometimes external factors affecting this but we aim to be as quick and efficient as possible.

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  • Frocks and Thrills RosĂ© £6.99 £7.99
    OUT OF
  • Los Pastos RosĂ© Merlot £7.49 £8.99
  • Vinho Verde Ponte de Lima RosĂ© £7.49 £8.99
    OUT OF
  • Dom Brial "HĂ©lios" RosĂ© £7.99 £9.49
  • Cape Heights Cinsault RosĂ© £7.99 £8.99
  • Mirabello Pinot Grigio RosĂ© £8.49
  • Pacific Heights Zinfandel RosĂ© £8.49
  • Hilmar Springs Zinfandel Blush £8.49
  • Villemarin RosĂ© £8.89
  • Cortefresca Pinot Grigio Rose £8.99
  • Les Oliviers RosĂ© £8.99
    OUT OF
  • Aotearoa Pinked Sauvignon Blanc £8.99 £9.99
  • Rugged Ridge Rose Wine £9.49
  • Terrazze Della Luna Pinot Grigio Rosato £9.59
  • Dom. de L'Olibet "Les Pujols" RosĂ© £9.99
  • Les Cerisiers CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne RosĂ© £9.99
  • Savor - Vin Francais £9.99
  • Mal.Bek Malbec RosĂ© £10.59
    OUT OF
  • Le Dolci Colline Spumante RosĂ© £10.99
  • Château L'Ermitage RosĂ© 'Auzan' Wine £10.99
  • Ontanon Clarete Pale Rose £10.99
  • Chateau L’ermite D’auzan Rose £11.99
  • Whispering Angel CĂ´tes de Provence RosĂ© £21.99
    OUT OF