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American wines

The USA is the 4th largest producer of wine in the world. 

Wine is produced in every state of America, and the country boasts over 3000 commercial vineyards. 

California is the largest wine region in the USA and it is famous for producing impressive, internationally renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Chardonnay wines. 

Other important wine regions of the USA include Oregon (recognised for producing Pinot Noir of exceptional quality), Washington State, and New York State. 

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  • Frocks and Thrills Rosé £6.99 £7.99
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  • Hilmar Springs Chardonnay £7.49
  • Hilmar Springs Zinfandel Red £7.99
  • Pacific Heights Zinfandel Rosé £8.49
  • Hilmar Springs Zinfandel Blush £8.49
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