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Wine Subscriptions

How our Wine Subscriptions Work

Wine subscriptions are automatically renewed according to your selected delivery interval and your selected wines will be automatically delivered by us after each successful renewal payment.
For example, if you started a monthly wine subscription, then the system will automatically charge your payment method each month and you will get the wine delivered to your doorstep each month, without the need to place an additional order. This is a great way to never run out of your favourite wines.

Pausing, Cancelling and Amending Your Wine Subscription

You can pause, amend, or cancel your wine subscription at any time. You will receive a link to your subscription page which allows you to amend however you wish.  If for example you wanted to remove a particular wine from your subscription then you can do that, or if you want to replace it with another we stock then you can do that too. Ultimate flexibility and choice!

online wine subsciprtion

If a Payment Fails

If the payment for your wine subscription fails, we will attempt to retake it. If it continues to fail we will get in touch with you to see if you wish to update your payment method or cancel your subscription. You will be notified if a payment fails and will be able to update your payment details via the subscription portal.