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Christmas Wine Offers

Did you make the Nice List?  I am sure you did.  So you are no doubt looking forward to opening some gifts on December 25th, before tucking into a hearty Christmas Dinner.

And what is Christmas Dinner without a great glass of wine to wash it down with? Whether you are the one doing the entertaining and providing for the family, or the one turning up at the in-laws needing to bring along a gesture of thanks, we have you covered.

For Christmas 2022 we decided to help you celebrate in style with two fantastic value deals.

Firstly we launched 2 great Festive mixed cases which offered a discount of up to 25% on the combined price of the contents!  We put together a 6 and a 12 bottle case containing red, white and sparking wines which helped many of our customers celebrate Christmas in style.

Secondly, given Christmas is the time to enjoy something a bit special, we introduced 10% off all of our sparkling wines and champagnes. With a number to choose from customer filled their sparkly boots for the festivities.

What will we do for Christmas 2023?  You will have to check back closer to find the time and find out.