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Tempranillo is the grape behind the highly popular wine variety Rioja.  Tempranillo and Rioja often go hand in hand, and are also often confused. But the simple way to think about it is Tempranillo is the grape, and Rioja is the location famous for that particular wine. A Tempranillo Rioja therefore is a wine from the Tempranillo grape, produced in the Rioja region.

Tempranillo wine is typically deep in colour, with aromas of dark fruits and sometimes even chocolate and pairs very well with roasted meats.

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  • Altos d'Olivia, Gran Reserva £6.99 £9.99
  • Fortaleza Del Rey Tempranillo £7.99
  • Terra Molino Tempranillo £7.99
  • La Choza Tempranillo £8.49
  • Carrizal Tempranillo, Rioja £8.89
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  • Bodegas Medrano Irazu Joven £8.99 £9.99
  • Finca Monica Tempranillo, Rioja £9.99
  • The Guv'nor - Red £10.99
  • Amador Medrano Tempranillo Blanco £16.99