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Merlot Wines

A selection of our favourite Merlot, sourced at great prices and made available to buy online. Of French origin but now produced around the globe Merlot is one of the most popular red wines in the world. A soft drinkable wine, Merlot pairs with most dishes and is a versatile wine for every occasion. Some of our favourite red wines, and our best sellers, are Merlots. The Los Pastos Merlot is always well received by our customers, and the recently stocked Cortefresca Merlot which comes from a very popular producer.

Merlot FAQs
What should I expect from Merlot?
The name Merlot is thought to come from the French word for blackbird Merle, in reference to its dark colour. Merlot is a dark, fruity red wine which is either associated with darker berries or lighter summer fruits depending on where it is produced.
Is Merlot just produced in France?
No, as Merlot is the grape and not the region of production, it can be found all over the world. Of course a large portion of Merlot does come from France, but it can also be found in Italy, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand and nearly all wine producing countries.
Is Merlot a cheap wine?
Merlot is a wine which is produced in a large number of countries around the world, and as a result it can be found at a wide range of price points. If you looked in the bin end of any wine shop you are bound to find a Merlot of sorts, but whether it is a good Merlot is a different matter.Of course the best Merlot from the best vineyards of France will come at a different price all together! We aim to keep our Merlot as cheap and affordable as possible whilst bringing you a good range to choose from.

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  • Los Pastos Merlot £7.99
  • Tierra Alta Merlot £7.99
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  • Cortefresca Merlot £8.99
  • Appassimento Ca' Vittoria 2018 £10.99
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  • Duboscq Bordeaux Claret £11.99
  • Chateau Brande Bergère, Bordeaux £12.29 £14.99
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