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Château de Rey

A Wine-makers tale: in 1875 Joseph Sisquelle was a wine merchant in Rivesaltes, but a wine-maker at heart.

He bought his dream property overlooking the sea from a Mr. Rey, who had only completed a quarter of his dream project - The Château de Rey. Joseph Sisquelle planted, built wineries, had tuns bound and tended 150 hectares of vineyards.
He was succeeded by his son Alexandre, who later divided the estate between his two sons Georges and Henri.

Georges was a trailblazer and, by the end of his life in 1971, the estate was well-endowed with Carignan, Grenache and Muscat. His spirited and determined wife, Zette, continued for 30 years after her husband to develop his stock.

A century later - Philippe, Joseph's great-great grandson, abandoned his pharmaceutical studies for the soil. By 1996, the Château de Rey had become what it is now: 40 uninterrupted hectares overlooking the sea. Philippe and Cathy still tend the vines, carrying on the tradition of making the special wines you will soon enjoy - wines marked by the wild ambition of Joseph, the perseverance of Alexandre, the mettle of Georges, the love of Zette and the willpower of Philippe and Cathy.

This vineyard so richly deserves the accolades and medals of honour being bestowed on it for its exceptional wines (Hachette Wine Guide 2004 & 5).


Château de Rey "Le Muté sur Grain"
Château de Rey "Les Galets Roulés" rouge
Château de Rey "Sisquò" blanc