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Dom Brial

Founded in 1923, this Cave of the independent wine-makers of Baixas is the biggest producer of Muscat de Rivesaltes and was one of the first in the area to sell its wines in bottles! (since 1965).

The Cave is named after Dom Brial (Michel-Jean-Joseph) a Benedectine Monk and native of Baixas, born in 1743 and died in Paris in 1828. In Versailles he became the confessor of Marie-Antoinette and acted as the first "ambassador" at the Royal Court of the wines of Baixas. An influential academic, he was a generous benefactor and founded a free school for the children of Baixas.

The Terroir
There are 3 main growing areas or zones:
1. Iron-rich, covered in either limestone or red clay.
2. Marine silt with plenty of water, permitting the making of light and supple wines such as Le Pot Dom Brial.
3. Clay/limestone where the oldest vines are concentrated (Muscat, Grenache and Maccabeu) producing less, but naturally sweet, wine.


Dom Brial Helios Blanc
Dom Brial Helios Rouge
Dom Brial Helios Rose
Chateau Les Pins Primage VDN
Dom Brial Cotes Du Roussillon Villages