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Georges and Roger Antech

Created in 1933 by Edmond Antech, later taken over by his sons Georges and Roger, and now run by Georges's daughter Françoise, this is a family business in every sense of the word.

Specializing in the production of AOC sparkling wines, their wine-making methods have been handed down from generation to generation and is reflected in their distinctive style and treasured heritage.
The combination of traditional methods with modern techniques, always in symbiosis with the environment, is the secret of their exceptional wines which are lively, rounded and fruity.

Limoux is proud to claim the historic origins of Brut.
In 1531, in the cellars of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Hilaire, a humble monk discovered that the wine he had bottled and sealed with a cork formed bubbles as if it was beginning a new fermentation.
Thus, the first Brut in the world was born in the heart of the Limoux vineyard.