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Appassimento is a process rather than a grape, but the wines themselves are so distinct they deserve their own classification. The word Appassimento means 'Passionate' in Italian, alluding to the elongated process and intense flavour result. Appassimento is the method of making wine from dried grapes. Grapes are harvested and laid out to dry before being turned into wine using the Appassimento method which is typically a 1-2 year barrel aging, sometimes longer. The resulting wine is rich and concentrated, with high sugar and alcohol levels. Appassimento's popularity has been on the rise in recent years so if you fancy trying something new, why not add a bottle to your next order?

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  • Appassimento Ca' Vittoria 2018 £10.99
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  • Montresor Urban Park Appassimento £12.99
  • Fazzoletto Barbera Passito Appassimento £10.99