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Synonymous with California, Zinfandel has both rose and red varieties. Red Zinfandel accounts for more than 10 percent of all Californian vineyard production and contains high alcohol content and strong flavours, whilst White Zinfandel is a mid-sweet Rose. Connected with the Primitivo grapes of Italy, Zinfandel is more commonly known as a wine of America produced in the hot, dry climate of California. Our particular range of Zinfandel is made up predominately of Rose. Hilmar Springs, Frocks and Thrills and Pacific Heights are well followed Zinfandel Rose and if they are regular purchase amongst our customer base.

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  • Frocks and Thrills Rosé £6.99 £7.99
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  • Hilmar Springs Zinfandel Red £7.99
  • Pacific Heights Zinfandel Rosé £8.49
  • Hilmar Springs Zinfandel Blush £8.49
  • Rugged Ridge Rose Wine £9.49