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(Red wine)

Cape heights shiraz 2015


Grapes: 100% Shiraz
ABV: 15%
Style: Big, powerful
Vintage: 2015

The warm, sunny days and cooling sea breeze of The Cape winelands of South Africa encourage the grapes to ripen to full maturation, resulting in ripe plum and spicy notes, soft tannins and a balanced finish. A ripe and juicy iron-rich Shiraz, packed with dark fruit flavours and pepper notes on the palate. Heady plum and blackcurrant vapours with notes of chocolate and frankincense. Firm and well-structured, with a smoky, berry finish. Given the price, an amazing and not so little wine. This Shiraz is the perfect partner to hearty casseroles or pasta dishes.  

  • Chocolate
  • Dark fruits
  • Pepper
  • Red
  • Shiraz
  • Smoky
  • Soft tannins
  • South Africa
  • Spicy
  • Well-structured


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Cape Heights Shiraz 2015