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What Is The Best Wine To Go With Pork?

Your food and drink complement each other more than you may think, which is why pairing wine correctly with your desired pork dish is so crucial!

Choosing the perfect beverage for your cut, however? That truly is the age-old question given this particular meat is so versatile, but let's give it a go...


Matching Your Cut Of Pork With The Right Wine

Pork is versatile in a way that makes wine pairing easier than ever; no matter your taste in wine, there's a pork dish waiting for you.

From fruity notes to mild flavours, here is our ultimate wine guide when pairing with pork to bring out those vibrant flavours:

White Wines

German Riesling

Consisting of an aromatic grape variety, the sweet fruit notes of a dry German Riesling make for a great companion to belly pork which sits on the spicer side or acquires an Asian flavour profile.

Try: Dr Zenzen 1636 Riesling


Oozing with versatility from the different wines out there, the Viognier is not only a sweet delight for pairing with roast pork, but it also works its magic with white meat the likes of chicken and rabbit.

Try: Les Gres Vioignier

Chenin Blanc

The acidity of a Chenin Blanc is a match made in heaven with the likes of a pork roast. Not only does the wine's acidity cut through the fat, but it also enhances the sweet and salty tastes of pork roasts – both hot and cold cuts!

Try: Cape Heights Chenin Blanc

Pinot Grigio

With crisp and fine acidity, a Pinot Gris pairs wonderfully with a pork shoulder as the acidity slices through fat whilst generating aromas that mix greatly with the smoky flavour of the meat.

Try: Cortefresca Pinot Grigio

Red Wines


This medium-bodied red wine works gloriously with pulled pork and meats that tear easily, alongside slow-cooked side dishes to compliment the flavour.

Try: Finca Monica Rioja

Pinot Noir

Not only a classic in the red wine department, a bright and fruity glass of pinot noir pairs beautifully with lamb or a rich pork dish (we recommend pork chops or pork tenderloin!)

Try: Santa Carolina Reserve Pinot Noir

Rosé Wines

South African Grenacha Rosé

A pleasant glass of rosé is the perfect wine to relish alongside a pork loin or pork butt, essentially any meat that can be drenched in barbecue sauce – time to get stuck in and sticky!

Try: Percheron Grenache Rose


Is red or white wine better for pork?

There's no definitive rule book when it comes to how you pair wine with pork. Generally speaking, a light and fruity red number will highly compliment your dish, however, it all comes down to preference.

How do pork cooking methods affect wine pairings?

Being such a mild cut of meat, it'll depend on the flavour you wish your pork to taste like which will factor in the pairing to use. For example, a BBQ glazed cut would make rosé sound appetising, whereas a fruity sauce like cranberry or apple would best suit a White Burgundy.

Which pork dishes use wine during cooking?

A number of pork recipes use wines for curating stunning dishes that tingle taste buds, most notably a pork roast that can marinade in a dry sauvignon blanc to enhance the taste.