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What Is The Best Wine To Go With Steak?

You can't beat a beautiful, juicy steak accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

Whether it's a midweek meal or a date night, it's a winning combination.

But what is the best wine to go with steak?

We'll look at the perfect wine and steak pairing for various different steak cuts, to help you get the perfect dining experience!


The two main factors that help determine steak and wine pairings are seasonings and the fattiness of the meat.

As a general guideline, consider the rule "leaner = lighter".

A fatty steak should be paired with a bold, full-bodied wine that is high in tannins, whereas leaner cuts of steak are better paired with a light or medium bodied wine.

As for seasonings, a steak that's flavoured with a simple seasoning such as salt and pepper combination can be paired with any wine, as the flavour is very versatile. However, steaks that are seasoned with sweeter ingredients are best paired with a more dry wine.

You might also want to adjust your wine choice based on how rare you like you like your steak, as rare steak can impact the flavour of the tannins in wine.

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Known as the "people pleaser" of red wine, you can't go wrong with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

There are lots of Cabernets available and they tend to have balanced flavours, making them perfect for wine novices!

Ideal to pair with a porterhouse steak, New York strip or a rare steak.

Our recommendation: Altos d'Olivia Gran Reserva a full bodied Cabernet with hints of jam and forest fruits.


Zinfandel is an awesome choice if you prefer a sweet wine.

Whether you choose a filet mignon or a New York strip steak, Zinfandel pairs perfectly with zesty and spicy flavours.

Our recommendation: Hilmar Springs Zinfandel for a spicier accompaniment to your steak dinner.


If you're looking for red wines that will pair nicely with fattier red meat, a Shiraz will become your go-to! Steaks such as ribeye need a more robust type of wine like Shiraz to balance the flavour.

Our recommendation: Percheron Shiraz will impress your taste buds with a dash of Chinese 5 spice and crushed raspberries. One not to be missed!

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a very delicate wine, characterised by tasting notes of raspberry and sweet aromas of caramel, clove, and vanilla. For the best steak experience, this wine is best paired with a lean cut of meat.

Our recommendation: Sileni Estates The Plateau

White & Rosé Wines


Unlike other white wines, Chardonnay pairs well with grilled steak thanks to its acidity, which cuts nicely through the fattiness and juiciness of the meat.

Our recommendation: Hilmar Springs Chardonnay with light wooden tones and a very creamy finish, this will go with a creamier sauce like a peppercorn.

Grenache Rosé

Grenache Rosé is a fruity, floral wine with a lighter taste and low tannins. This wine will blend perfectly with a ribeye cut for a perfect steak pairing and a great fine dining experience!

Our recommendation: Percheron Rose


What's the right wine pairing for a ribeye steak?

A classic accompaniment for a ribeye is a Cabernet thanks to its high levels of tannins that cut through the natural juices of the steak.

Why does steak fattiness affect wine choice?

The more fatty a steak is, the richer the taste will be. For this reason, very lean cuts can be paired with a sweeter, richer wine as the steak flavour won't be as intense.

Is red wine always a better choice than white for steak?

Not necessarily! The most important thing is to choose a wine that you enjoy. If you do that, you can't go wrong!