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Imbuko Iswithi Pinotage - Affordable Wine
(Red wine)

Imbuko iswithi pinotage

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Grapes: Pinotage
ABV: 14.4%
Style: Deep Red & Fruity 

From the Imbuko Winery in Wellington South Africa, this Pinotage is one of the more fruity South African Pinotage you will find. Reviews of this wine will invariably reference how deep red in colour it is, how fruity it is, and its sweet nature compared to other Pinotage. So if you have a sweet tooth when it comes to red wine, this is definitely one to try. Pair it will a well cook piece of game or red meat and the flavours will compliment each other.

  • Pinotage
  • South Africa


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Imbuko Iswithi Pinotage