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Mystery Case of 6 Bottles of White Wine - BonCru Wines

Mystery case of 6 bottles of white wine


Can't decide which or our delightful white wines to buy?  Or just fancy trying something new to expand your wine horizons?  This mystery case of white wines is definitely the way to go.

including of some of our best selling white wine, with 6 different wines for you to try. In our mystery white wine case you will find 6 bottles, all of a different variety. There is a mix of grape variety including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. All the white wine in the mixed case comes from our website collection and contains some of our best sellers, we have just packaged them up and offer them at great value!

Mystery wine cases are also great for parties and entertaining when you are going to have a group of people with different wine preferences. With a mixed case you can offer up a selection which will please even the most discerning guest and will have something to satisfy all tastes.

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Mystery Case of 6 Bottles of White Wine