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Mixed Wine Cases

Our mixed wine cases are perfect for when you want to try something new, or you have guests to entertain. We offer a mixed case of whites, a mixed case of reds and a mixed case of both. All of our mixed cases are made up of wines which are available in our main online wine store so you know you are going to get a good quality wine whatever the variety. Our mixed cases are 6 bottles of great wine at an unbeatable price. Choose from a 6 red wine case, a 6 white wine case, or a 6 mixed case of 3 white and 3 red.

A mixed wine case offers the chance to try something new, and to put the decision making in our capable hands. They are an exciting way to to buy cases of wine without having to select 6 different wines to fill one. 

Wine Cases FAQs
Do I choose the wine in my case?
Not with these particular products. Within our website you can choose any 6 wines and we will deliver them to you. However these particular cases are pre selected from some of our best sellers and offered at a discounted price.
Which wines can I expect in my case?
All of the wines we have on our site are selected for their quality and price. You will not be disappointed with whatever wines we include, we are certain of that. We include a range of different grapes and varieties ensuring you will get a balanced mix of wine types in every case.
How much of a saving is made from buying a mixed case?
It is not a set amount applied, but you will get around 10% off the cost of buying the wines individually and making up your own case. as the price is fixed this might rule out some of our more expensive wines but what you received will be great value for the price you pay. So if you came here looking for cheap cases of wine, whilst we can't always promise to be the cheapest, we are 100% confident in the value of our products.
How long does it take for wine cases to be delivered?
Our mixed wine cases are delivered int he same way as all of our wine. We use tried and trusted couriers and aim to have your wine delivered to you within 2 working days.

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