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Mixed Case of 6 Bottles of Red Wine - Affordable Wine

Mixed case of 6 bottles of red wine

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Are you a Red Wine lover looking for something new to try?  Fancy giving another red wine grape a go? Or have a party planned and need to put on a selection for your guests? Well you are in luck. Our mixed case of red wines is just the job for you.

This is a mixed case of 6 different red wines, all which are sold on our main wine shop, all meeting our exceptionally high standards. You will get a mix of Rioja, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot amongst other red wine grape varieties. 


Each red wine in the mixed case will be different, allowing you to get to know 6 new wines for a great combined price. So why not give our case of mixed red a try?  You might just find a new favourite amongst it.

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Mixed Case of 6 Bottles of Red Wine