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Gin - arbikie kirsty, highland estate


Country of Origin:   Scotland, 
ABV:    43%
Size:    70 cl

Small Batch Premium Gin

A tasty tipple, crafted in a copper still using a base spirit made from estate-grown potatoes and a small selection of botanicals -  Juniper, Kelp, Carline Thistle and Blueberry. This gin-maker grows his own potatoes, harvests them himself, uses local water and labour, flavours with his own herbs & flowers and then makes the gin himself.  Genuinely farm to bottle.

A complex bouquet of blackberry, cucumber, pine, eucalyptus and black pepper. The palate is piney and peppery with hints of liquorice and lemon zest.

Kirsty's Gin and Tonic Take a tall glass filled with ice. Add a generous measure of Kirsty's Gin. Top up with a quality tonic. Garnish with six blueberries and a twist of lemon. Stir once with a barspoon.

Named after Arbikie's Master Distiller, Kirsty Black.



  • Gin
  • Highland Estate
  • Scotland
  • Scottish


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GIN - Arbikie Kirsty, Highland Estate