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Gin - j.j. whitley elderflower

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Country of Origin:  England
ABV:    38.6%
Size:    70 cl
Distillers:  JJ Whitley

Crafted in a Copper Pot Still.  This Elderflower Gin has soft scents of juniper, coriander and cinnamon to create a sweet velvety sensation and a fresh floral bouquet.  Candied sweetness is dominated by the unmistakable punch of elderflower, with flicks of grass, orange blossom and honey.

JJ Whitley follows a tradition born of eight generations of distillers and their range of spirits is inspired by the flavours of English gardens and hedgerows.

This gin is a delightful balance of bright gin notes and complex elderflower.  Perfect in a G&T or simply neat over ice. A great base for summer-themed cocktails.


  • Elderflower
  • England
  • English
  • Gin
  • Whitley


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GIN - J.J. Whitley Elderflower